Head of School's Message

We are within the borders of The Ga Central Educational Municipal Directorate. The school motto, “Great Vision Great Placement” was carefully chosen by the Management Team which included myself.

It epitomizes our special ethos where each individual is nurtured, successes are celebrated and contribution to the community is greatly valued.

The Vision School starts from our homely Pre-School, spanning across our Lower and Upper Primary and finally to our Junior High School.

At The Vision School there is never a dull moment. Lessons are creative, exciting and are planned to engage and stimulate the child. There is always a magical unifying factor where children and teachers all revel in learning together. From the Nursery through to the Seniors all sections of the school enjoy being part of our 'one school' community.

We aim to give children a positive first experience of learning and to make them responsible citizens who appreciate the value of a strong sense of community. Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that it gives you a flavor of life at Vision.

If you would like more information, or would like to book a tour of the school, please contact the school office.

Ms. Dinah N. K. Lawson
Head of School