Leadership in Children

This is the theme of The Vision School’s Leadership Programme. This theme is based on the focus of the programme, which is to develop and encourage the culture of leading self and others to always do the right things, and positively affect others through their life style.

Under this programme, we aim to develop the communication and public speaking skills of our students in a way that they become bold and confident to present their views on issues affecting their world. They are to see themselves as problem solvers now and as they progress in life.

We have on-going training for teachers who are the facilitators of the Leadership Classes.
The teachers’ training is based on the 8 Beatitudes as in the Bible and the book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Steve Covey.

This book was used with the aim of educating and exposing teachers themselves to the habits which we believe will enhance their performance in their fields as educators and managers of their classrooms.

The expected result of this programme is to have our students well prepared for life.